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The Tojuro Iijima Foundation for Food Science and Technology, jointly established by Yamazaki Baking and Tojuro Iijima, the founder of the company who contributed the majority of the foundation’s basic fund, was established with the approval of Japan's Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries on July 31, 1984, and was registered as a public interest incorporated foundation on April 1, 2013. The Foundation's goal is to help improve food culture, lifestyles, and people’s health in Japan, and to further develop its food products industry. In order to continue advancing the researches regarding production, processing, distribution of food products made from rice, wheat, and other primary food crops, as well as food science, the Foundation gives assistance and recognition through the activities detailed below.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has steadily advanced the projects which focused on academic research funds in the fields of food science related to rice, wheat, and other primary foods. As of 2020, a total of more than 2,600 projects have been supported and the grants have reached to a total of 4,753 million yen.

1. Academic research funding
2. Support for the international exchange of researchers
 (1) Support for sending researchers overseas
 (2) Support for international academic conferences etc.
 (3) Research funding for foreign students
3. The Tojuro Iijima Awards
 (1) Tojuro Iijima Award for Food Science
 (2) Tojuro Iijima Award for Food Technology
4. Support for researches on specified themes
5. Academic lectures

It provides various forms of support contributing to the healthy growth of children in developing countries in accordance to the local needs.

The Foundation for International Development/Relief (FIDR) is a "Public Interest Incorporated Foundation" that strives to help create a better future for children and to promote international cooperation by Japanese citizens and Japanese corporations. FIDR carries out aid projects designed to help the people of the developing nations of the world achieve progress and self-sufficiency. It was established in 1990 with basic capital donated by Yamazaki Baking’s founder, Tojuro Iijima. Out a desire to help improve the lives of the people of developing nations, Yamazaki Baking supports FIDR.

FIDR Activities
International assistance projects Carrying out a wide range of assistance projects designed to improve the medical, hygiene, educational, and agricultural circumstances, and income levels in Cambodia, Vietnam and other Asian countries.
Emergency aid Yamazaki Baking provides support to victims of natural disasters in forms of emergency relief and pursuing reconstruction efforts, in Japan and throughout the world. We have implemented multifaceted support programs in accordance to the needs of the afflicted areas in such cases as the earthquake and tsunami of Sumatra in 2004, of eastern Japan in 2011, the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, and the earthquake in Kumamoto in 2016.
Promoting awareness We are committed to dispatching information in a highly transparent manner and creating opportunities for participation, so that we may attain understanding and cooperation from businesses and people in Japan for our support activities in the developing world and disaster-struck areas.

Yamazaki Baking supports the “Yamazaki Love Loaf” fundraising program jointly run by FIDR and World Vision Japan (WVJ). Special donation boxes have been set up in about 4,000 Yamazaki retail outlets. The funds collected to date have been used for assistance activities implemented through WVJ and FIDR in various regions and countries, such as Africa, Mongolia, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and for emergency assistance for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Nepal earthquake and Sumatra Indonesia earthquake.

Yamazaki Baking Company is a principal member of “the supporting organization of the Foundation for International Development and Relief and World Vision Japan” that was established by corporate supporters of the FIDR. Yamazaki has helped to organize and sponsor Charity Concerts. The charitable contributions raised through these concerts have been used, through FIDR and WVJ, to support the developing countries such as Asia and Africa, the reconstruction efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake and Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake, aids to support the victims of the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

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