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Guided by a long-standing corporate philosophy \to offer excellent quality and outstanding service and in so doing deliver our very best to consumers every day\ we have endeavored since our establishment to ensure the highest possible standard in the manufacture and sale of bread, sweet buns, Japanese- and Western-style confectionery, biscuits, crackers, sembei, processed bread and prepared rice and side dishes. To this end, we have consistently pursued ambitious technological development and positioned ourselves to provide a stable supply of superb products throughout Japan, striving thereby to contribute to the health of the nation and achieve solid growth.

Recent years have brought increased awareness of food safety and security on the part of consumers and society at large. In response, we will continue to reinforce our food safety and hygiene systems to guarantee our ongoing ability to provide products and services that meet customersf needs. We will also strengthen our Groupwide management structure and capitalize on cutting-edge scientific and technological advances to develop new products and cultivate new businesses. At the same time, we will take advantage of new developments in information technology to improve sales and distribution systems and assist our licensed stores, which include convenience stores and bakeshops, to attract new customers. As a leading food product manufacturer, we will step up efforts to manage quality at all stages, including the procurement of raw materials, distribution and sales, as well as address related environmental issues through such measures as expanding our food waste recycling program. We will also broaden our global operations, which center on Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Through these and other efforts, we will strive to expand our operations, fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen and make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.

We are committed to allocating earnings\based on a comprehensive assessment of our operating results and business development goals\and to maintaining the necessary internal reserves to reinforce our operating foundation. At the same time, we believe firmly in providing stable returns for shareholders. With this in mind, we will continue to use internal reserves to expand production facilities and strengthen our distribution and sales systems, as well as to cultivate new businesses.

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