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Developments in Asia

Yamazaki Baking Companyfs overseas expansion started in 1981 with the establishment of Hong Kong Yamazaki and the opening of its first fresh bakery shop there. In 1984 Thai Yamazaki was established, followed by Taiwan Yamazaki in 1987. Thanks to its advanced technology, Yamazakifs Japanese-style bread has been well received in these countries and regions despite their different food cultures.
At present, each of Yamazaki Baking Companyfs central bakeries in Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore produces frozen dough using the latest technology, and these frozen products enable the company to develop new retail outlets. In 1998, SunMoulin Yamazaki was set up in Malaysia, and in the following year SunMoulin Yamazaki Singapore was established, along with a new fresh bakery shop. In 2004, Yamazaki Baking Company entered China by establishing Shanghai Yamazaki and opening a bakery cafe in Shanghaifs Jiuguang Department Store. Even in China, the opening of the eagerly awaited Yamazaki outlet was the talk of the town with Yamazakifs strong brand recognition and has demonstrated a steady increase in sales since the opening. gShanghai Yamazaki Foods Co. Ltd.h operates as the central manufacturing factory of Shanghai Yamazaki.

Sunmoulin Yamazaki
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Honkong Yamazaki factory
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  Shanghai Yamazaki Foods Co., Ltd.
Indonesia Yamazaki factory


Developments in the United States

Yamazaki Baking Company entered the US market in 1990 by establishing Yamazaki California which opening a fresh bakery shop in Los Angeles. In 1991, Yamazaki bought the bakery division of Vie de France Corporation, a French-owned company that had developed the Vie de France business in the United States. Yamazaki revitalized the company as Vie de France Bakery Yamazaki to manufacture frozen dough and cakes and introduced wholesale distribution on a nationwide scale. In 1994, Yamazaki also acquired Vie de France's restaurant division and changed the name of the American company to Vie de France Yamazaki, launching bakery cafe operations as well as the bakery operations. This has strengthened the companyfs sales capability by allowing direct sales to customers, as well as helping it to assess the needs of consumers in the U.S. market, try out new products, and consolidate its U.S. business base.
Yamazaki California
  Vie de France
Vie de France
Alexandria factory

Developments in Europe

In 1988, Yamazaki France was established, opening Patisserie Yamazaki, a cake shop and cafe situated in a high-class shopping boulevard in Paris, the homeland of cakes.

Currently Yamazaki Baking Company has representative offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Taipei,Shanghai, Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh. These offices are gathering information and carrying out market research in overseas food markets, and acting as gateways for the export of raw materials to Japan.

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