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Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd., was established in 1948. Over time, the company introduced the latest baking equipment and technologies developed in Europe and North America, and expanded its lineup to include a wide range of food products. By promoting bread, the company helped develop a wider and more interesting selection of food in Japan.

Yamazaki Baking has been making bread for more than half a century. The company's rigorous quality controls, latest technologies and entrepreneurial spirit are all designed to provide customers with a wide range of bread, including loaf bread, sweet buns, donuts, hard rolls and Danish pastries.

Every year, Yamazaki Baking develops more than 1,000 new bread products, keeping pace with a market characterized by short product lifespans. Yamazaki Baking recognizes that it must have an accurate understanding of consumer preferences and develop new products accordingly in order to keep offering customers new and delicious tastes. Yamazaki employees are encouraged to participate in the development of new products. The Bread Division keeps a close watch on the market, always ready to introduce technical innovations to achieve exciting, new adventures in taste.

The assurance of high quality comes with every type of bread
A rich variety of sweet buns

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