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The processed bread and prepared rice business of the Yamazaki Baking Group has developed the unique Cool Delica system, which delivers high quality products under constant temperature control from manufacturing to distribution and sales. This business has experienced great growth to become the company’s fourth major business area, following breads, and Japanese and Western confectioneries.

In 2003, in order to achieve further business growth and expansion, the company integrated Yamazaki’s Cool Delica business into the operations of Sun-Delica Co., Ltd. Through this integration, the Yamazaki Baking Group has established an efficient production, sales and management system for its processed bread and prepared rice business, with Sun-Delica Co., Ltd., at its core, selling approximately 100 items such as boxed lunches, rice balls and sandwiches through a wide range of outlets such as their own nationwide Daily Yamazaki and Yamazaki Shop stores as well as other major convenience store chains. Additionally, the manufacture and sales of noodles has started through Daitoku Co. Ltd., a new Yamazaki group entity, from 2012.

Two biggest staples of the Japanese people is rice and bread. We have established our exclusive know-how from screening to cooking of rice, and regarding the bread products, Yamazaki Baking has developed special sandwich bread by utilizing its strengths as a bread producer. The secret to the great taste of the company’s prepared rice and processed bread products is starting from scratch and bringing out the original taste of each ingredient. This is the key to making true value-added food products.

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