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In an era when market needs are changing more rapidly than ever, Yamazaki Baking recognizes the critical importance of a strong research and development program to the continual creation of new and exciting tastes. At the company's Central Laboratory, scientists push forward with theoretical research aimed at discovering and elucidating scientific principles for manufacturing processes and ingredients, as well as to develop new products and improve existing lineup through scientific approaches of research & development in new ingredients and technologies. They also strive to improve existing items and create new products using scientific approaches including new ingredient and technology research. Furthermore, in each production and sales department, the company's accumulated expertise is utilized to develop new products from novel concepts and ideas. Yamazaki Baking's R&D system is seamlessly linked to all of its business operations, and the company is actively engaged in the development of new products, new markets, and new business areas.

1. Observing the composition of bread using the scanning electron microscope

2. Measuring the aroma component of bread using gas chromatograph

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