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Yamazaki Baking started making Japanese-style confectionery in 1949, just one year after its founding, beginning with kirian (sweet bean paste), castella (sponge cake) and yokan (sweet bean jelly). The delicious and delicate taste of the company's Japanese-style confectionery is achieved by skillfully incorporating seasonal ingredients and traditional techniques. Yamazaki Baking has also applied revolutions in technology to these traditional methods to build mass-production lines for Japanese confectionery. Today, Yamazaki Baking produces such confectionery as dango (skewered rice dumplings), daifuku (sweet bean filled rice cakes), as well as yaki-gashi (pancake style sweets), mushipan (steamed cakes), castella, and yokan. Each of the ingredients is carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards, and then 70 years of expertise and technology are applied to produce delightful Japanese confectionery in the company's state-of-the-art facilities. While respecting traditional flavors, Yamazaki Baking is always committed in its day-to-day efforts to enhancing the quality of our products. Furthermore, the company actively engages in new product development that meets contemporary needs. By proactively adopting advanced frozen technology and other technological innovations, Yamazaki Baking, through its Japanese-style confectionary business, continues to offer products of truly high value that satisfy our customers.

A wide variety steamed cakes and Chinese steemed buns

Chilled Japanese-style confectionery based on creative ideas.

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