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In addition to breads, Japanese- and Western-style confectionery, processed bread and prepared rice , Yamazaki Baking delivers an abundant variety of other food product lines to its customers' tables.

Various retail products are made at the Isezaki plant, including strawberry and blueberry jams, marmalade, and other kinds of preserves, as well as jelly and yokan(sweet bean jelly), and ready-to-eat curry in retort pouches. We offer a rich variety of delicious products for all aspects of daily life including jams and retort pouch products made at the Isezaki plant in Gunma prefecture, as well as biscuits, cookies, chocolates, and rice-derived confectionery of assured quality made by the Group’s various companies, and the Yamazaki brand beverages like coffee and juice. In addition to our retail products, we also prepare the fillings for various confectionery products at Isezaki plant and Kagawa facility in Kagawa, and cream, curry fillings, stuffing for Chinese filled buns,croquettes, meat patty and mayonnaise at Isezaki plant and Izumisano facility in Osaka. Yamazaki Baking will continue to take on new challenges in order to bring delight to its customers and to create delicious tastes unique only to Yamazaki.

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